Electrum Performance BJJ S&C Competition Taper - Gi

Electrum Performance BJJ S&C Competition Taper - Gi

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Well structured strength and conditioning programs should to mimic the physiological demands of the sport. This includes reliance on grip dominant exercises and an emphasis on isometric strength. A physiological trait that is truly universal to all types of grappling (and therefore makes up a core focus of our programming) is the ability to maintain an earned position through isometric strength. Commonly referred to as “mat strength,” this ability to maintain tension can mean the difference between finishing a pass you worked hard for, and letting your opponent retain their guard.

Due to the intermittent nature of the sport, adequate metabolic conditioning is also a must. High-intensity intervals with a work-to-rest ratio of 1:3 can mimic the pace of a typical gi match and have been included into our programming to accustom your body to that type of stress, preparing you to give maximum output when it really counts.


  • Gi-specific sport needs analysis
  • Detailed explanations of basic strength and conditioning principles
  • Sport-specific warm up
  • Full exercise descriptions with picture examples
  • PDF digital download